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Emese Móricz

                               Life Designer®

The Life Designer® Coach Academy (USA) has been certifying transformational coaches all over the globe and has helped many individuals discover a path to transformation that is rooted in empowerment, intuition, empathy, connection, conscious communication, and heart wisdom.

Its guiding philosophy is based on this truth: We all desire to live a life in which we can be fulfilled and loved. What prevents us from doing so is the sum of our misaligned thoughts, habits, beliefs, and past experiences (consciously or unconsciously expressed). LDC coaches first learn and experience for themselves how they can draw on their inner wisdom for answers and change their lives step by step, and only then can they help their clients do the same.

My own inner journey was the medicine that gave me the confidence to guide my clients to their own inner transformation. As I was able to let go of my residual feelings and unconscious beliefs that were fueled by my past life experiences, new and empowering conscious affirmations took their place.

The specific tools and strategies taught at the Life Designer® Coaching Academy are based on the core coaching competencies (ICF), HeartMath’s heart intelligence approach, positive psychology and David Cooperrider’s work on self-esteem, as well as the methodology of Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden and Dr. Bruce Lipton.

The above strategies enable people to successfully step out of the dominant victim role and the hopeless (I am helpless) paradigm that causes stress, resentment, overwhelm, self-disconnection and even self-loathing. The ultimate goal of Life Designer® Coaching is to achieve empowerment that restores true self-empowerment, confidence, trust, freedom and ultimately lasting transformation.




+36 20 925 1470

+36 20 925 1470