Emese Móricz


“Emese’s support has been outstanding for me, first and foremost, in that she has been able to look at my life, and especially my business, with an unbiased outside eye. She taught me a lot about conflict management, advocacy and also provided me with a lot of lexical knowledge during our work together, which I was able to apply almost immediately as practical knowledge, I must say with surprising efficiency. Each time I spent with her made me more and more prepared and aware, in a world where, besides professionalism, business skills and the quality of human relations are very much the determining factors. He was my “boxing coach” who could mentally prepare me for the matches that would occur “in the ring.”

Dr. Pónyai Katinka

Dermart Klinika

“Emese has been supporting me as a coach for a long time. I have had very good experiences with coaches before, but Emese has opened up completely new directions and possibilities in our work together. As a leader, especially as a female leader, I have faced many challenges in the last two years and as a result of our collaboration I have been able to overcome “stumbling blocks”, make and consistently implement difficult decisions in my organisation. I am more conscious of understanding and accepting others’ points of view, and being more tolerant. I feel that I pay more attention to introducing and communicating change.”

Mónika Volk

VELUX, Regional Finance Director

“I came to Emese because my life was at a crossroads in many ways and I didn’t know what I wanted. She helped me figure out how to look for the answers that deep down I really already knew. She also helped me to know how to make them happen. But perhaps more importantly, I feel that I am closer to finding my own way.”  

B.A. London

“Everyday life, our ideas, our upbringing, everything that surrounds us, influences who we are. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day! Emese has helped me to find my ‘calling’ in my personal life and in my work. With her help I was able to answer many of my inner questions and was able to radically change my life, to figure out myself and my reactions. Emese is timely and well guided in her personal development schedule, she perfectly assesses what needs to be addressed and can always be counted on. She helped me through years of problems in just weeks. What I like about working together is that we solve what is problematic for me with realistic goals and solutions.”



“When I met Emese, I was in a dark and hopeless situation physically, mentally and spiritually. Each time, she made me realize how I needed to peel back layers of the traps that prevented me from living a fuller, more satisfying life. One of the most important things I have come to understand is that I need to improve myself, to be better and not let external expectations define my personal life. Without Emese’s help, I would not have gotten free so quickly or maybe never. I think everyone needs people like her, because when we get lost, lost on the path of our life – we feel it or our immediate fellow human beings indicate it – the help of an expert, independent help is essential. Thank you!”


+36 20 925 1470


+36 20 925 1470